Doctor Faustus Review

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Review on Doctor Faustus

On the 14th November 2012 we went to the Rose’s Theatre in Tewkesbury to watch Scene Productions perform the tragedy ‘Doctor Faustus’ which was filled with disappointment and unexpected aspects. However, it did bring forward a message throughout the play which is showed clearly and effectively. This message was that people who give into temptation because of greed get punished; this is based on a religious concept. At first we got told the whole performance was going to be an hour, this straight away made me have doubts about the play and allowed me to think that it was going to be rushed which I felt like happened. Despite this, there were some promising scenes which made me as the audience have a mixture of emotions.

When I first arrived into my seat, the first thing I noticed was the set placed on stage. It seemed like a very simple set, but also very effective. It clearly showed the time the performance was set and allowed us to have a personal interpretation of the character Doctor Faustus without even meeting him. Whilst the lights were still on and people were coming into the theatre, it seemed like the production started as we are first introduced to two characters walking around in a sinister sort of manor, whether it was because people were late into the theatre or it was planned, it was a huge distraction and it was hard to focus on the dilemma which is occurring on stage, as I kept on turning my head to the loud talking of people arriving, not only this the harsh lights were still on which helped me to not focus on the characters on the stage whatsoever.

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The character of Doctor Faustus played by Ben Elder was introduced as a puppet, this was effective as it allowed us to realise that compared to hell he was seen as vulnerable and small. It also helped to distance the audience and showed to us that we are not watching reality; it was simply an interpretation of an urban legend. However, I also felt that it would have been much more effective if it was an actual actor performing because then perhaps we as the audience would be able to view his acting skills.

The music throughout the play ...

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