Drama evaluation - Communication, motivation and co-operation,

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                            DRAMA COURSEWORK – WRITTEN EVALUATION

After working with Amy, Joanne and Daniel, I decided to work on my own. The reason for this decision was purely on my behalf, to correct the things that my last piece lacked of, which were communication, motivation and co-operation, which I feel is very important with working in a group. As not everyone has the same aims, objectives and ideas they need to be passed along the group so everyone can acknowledge others strengths and weaknesses.  

The class was given starting points on where their next piece of practical coursework could have started. These were pages of metaphors and similes. When we discussed some of these metaphors in class, it was very interesting finding out the different interpretation of the class, because up until that point I was not clear in what I should do for my practical work. I started on the metaphor that read: -

         ‘He weaves through the opposition.’

The first idea that came into my head was about a man who has no challenge with his opposition, which could be his wife or girlfriend. I sat in class, in a corner by myself, a minute later I had this image of a white and black space with a mirror in the middle, to separate the two images.  These images had entered me because I was moved by a play that I had gone to see that week called ‘Stags and Hens’.  Where the whole play took place in a toilet, looking in a mirror. The man and woman who were going to get married the next day were in the same place but and in different toilets. The setting of the stage was divided into two, one part for the gentlemen’s toilet and other part of the stage for the ladies toilet. The woman who was to become married was doubtful throughout the play and in the end she ran away from the scene to suggest to the audience that she was not going to marry her fiancée the next day.

 I also heard this voice in my head that was very deep and intimidating.  All these thoughts linked together in my head for me to think about what I should do for my practical piece.



After I had gone away to think about my images/visions, I had come up with the idea of a man who was about to marry his girlfriend. After seven years of being together and three years of being engaged he had no respect for her and he was definitely not in love with her. I really could see it all in my head and knew straight away that the piece needed some music to make the effect. My main target at this point was putting these ideas into me developing a character from it. I first thought of me doing the role of the man whom had no love for his fiancée that he wanted to marry.  

When I went home on that Monday night I developed the character of this man who was not in love his wife to be. I made the reason that he was ‘seeing’ another women and he was not sexually attracted to his girlfriend, Lisa.  Lisa was there for him to have someone to come home to. His name was Collin and he worked on a building site. All his life he had never been fortunate to get what he wanted. He had been settled down with Lisa since they had finished school in 1992, from the age of 16years old. In school they were both similar to each other as they found themselves to the opposite sex, to be unattractive.

Collin over the years had become angry with this view that people looked at them, as the two rejects that nobody wanted to be with, friends of theirs thought the same thing too. Collin needed to prove to his friends especially that he was a ‘man’ just like the rest of his friends and that he was just as capable of cheating on his girlfriend as they all were doing.

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 Even though he thought this way, he disliked the fact that Lisa reminded him of being a cast-off from other boys. He knows that Lisa is happy with him and that she has nothing to prove to anyone but this made him more determined to cheat on her because she was dragging him down with her. All she wanted was him, but Collin knew that Lisa was nothing to boast about to his friends, as she is not very beautiful to other men. Collin had set out that he was going to be more confident and secure with himself.


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