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        The performance of my pre 1900 play, (Electra) I believe was not performed to the best of my ability. I believe this as my pre 1900 was the first play I was to perform and I began to become very nervous, you could see this as I tended to rush my lines and some of the lines were not coming across as clear as I could have said them, I also stuttered on some of my lines as the nerves were appearing, however even with these nerves I kept in character and felt I performed well. I do believe I played the character to the best of my knowledge, knowing what the character had been through and showing these emotions to the audience proved to be very easy for me, this may be as I used past emotions of upset and grief. I believe that these emotions became very clear to the audience and showed what the character was feelings, along with facial expressions and the slow movement ‘Electra’ used, I think I also came across as angry when ‘Electra’ had arguments with her sister. I think I played the role of ‘Electra’ very well as I used as much authority as I did have over Electra’s sister and also showed that she was very strong willed, and that nothing that anyone could say or do was going to get in the way of her wanting revenge. The stage for this play was an open ended stage, this was a very minimalistic set as all the furniture we used was a garden bench, and this was as we set our pre 1900 play in modern day settings. I believe myself and Chantelle put on a good performance despite our mistake at the beginning of the play, this play showed a lot of emotion and came across as a very moving play, I was very pleased with the outcome.

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        I believe the play ‘Kindertransport’ was played very well, however again some lines were missing and again nerves were present, though these nerves were still present they did not show within my acting or the way my lines came across, even though some of the lines were missing in this play the audience did not notice and the characters were still on stage, we picked up the lines and carried on, I thought this play was performed very well. My character came across as a very doting mother trying to do the best for her daughter. I believe I played ...

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