Ejlert Lovborg and Hedda Gabler direction and casting

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James Alexanda Perks                Mrs. Reith – Hedda Gabler – A2

Briefly outline your casting ideas for the roles of Hedda and Ejlert Lövborg and then explain how you would direct your actors, in the scenes in which they appear together, in order to reveal their complex feelings for one another.

As a director I would direct this play to have a naturalistic style. The play should be as though the audience were watching a small slice of the lives being lived in the Tesman house. Therefore I would use realistic furnishings.

For the role of Hedda Gabler I would cast an actor able to show military inheritance through stature, bearing and voice. Hedda would have perfect, aristocratic posture, an air of arrogance and power, and a strong, manipulating voice. As written in the stage directions, the actor would be a “lady of 29” or thereabouts. She would be tall and slim; have “steel grey” eyes, and “medium brown” hair, “not particularly ample,” which would be put up in a loose bun. Hedda would wear dark coloured satin dresses. She would speak with a slow pace and leave pauses, so as to keep the other characters waiting on her words. Her wit would be dry.

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The actor who would play Ejlert Lövborg would be 33 years old. He would be quite slim, with short dark hair, bright green eyes, and a short beard. He would be dressed in a dark, fitting, three piece suit, “quite new,” with a matching top hat. He would be pale, with definitive cheekbones. He would have fast paced delivery of lines and a low pitch. His most prized possession would be the manuscript for his new book, which is his ‘child’ with Thea Elvsted.

As a rehearsal process I would ask the actors to write down their previous ...

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