English Media Coursework : Seven: Desert Scene

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English Media Coursework : Seven: Desert Scene

The film, Seven, is a terrific thriller and at the same time a comedy and adventure. It has famous actors such as Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, both renowned for starring in excellent and popular films. The film is by the director David Fincher. The scene, which I am going to analyse is the penultimate scene and it is probably the most important scene in the whole film, as only by watching this scene is the whole plot and story of the film is revealed to the audience. I will be exploring how the director, David Fincher, uses the camera, the location , the scenery and the actors to manipulate the viewers mind to make them fully involved in the scene and thereby keeping the audience spellbound.

Seven is about a man, John Doe, who dedicates his life to show how evil humankind can be. He believes he is God's angel on Earth and punishes those who commit deadly sins. He takes the lives of "innocent" people who commit any of the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride and lust. John Doe is convinced that the people that he murders are guilty of the sins although the legal system does not punish them for their 'crimes'. He starts by killing an obese man because he had committed the deadly sin of gluttony. For greed he takes the life of a lawyer as he claims they dedicate their lives to lying and being dishonest by defending murders and rapists just to earn money. However, for the sin of sloth, he subjects his victim to the sin himself by tying him up and keeping him immobile for a year barely alive, for the sin of claiming handouts from the government and having not done a single day of work. For the deadly sin of pride, he kills a woman who he claims was so ugly on the inside that she couldn't bear to be ugly on the outside (she was a model). He kills a prostitute as she had committed the deadly sin of lust. The audience until the penultimate scene does not know the final two deadly sins of envy and wrath will be dealt with
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There are two detectives assigned to investigate the crimes being committed by John Doe. They are Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) and Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman). Detective Somerset is the elder of the detectives, nearing retiring age and has said that this case, of John Doe, will be the last. He is a traditionalist type of detective who always seems to be anxious and worried but patient during investigations. Detective Somerset wears a brown overcoat with a hat, the traditional outfit of the American detective. David Mills, is virtually the opposite of detective Somerset. Detective Mills wears a ...

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