Essay on Jaws

In this essay I am going to talk about the movie called Jaws, directed by the famous director Steven Spielberg in 1974 based on the novel written by Peter Benchley. This movie is about people living in a town, with some being attacked, and eaten by a deadly hungry enormous shark in the sea nearby. The movie is set Marthas Vineyard off coast of Cape cop; Massachusetts called Amity in the movie. The scenes shot underwater were filmed in Australia. The movie stars Roy Scheider who plays the character Brody, Richard Dreyfuss who plays the character Hooper and Robert Shaw who plays Quint.

In the title sequence, there is a threatening music that is connected to the shark. This music begins to be played every time the shark arrives throughout the movie, so the audience is always aware of when the shark has actually arrived. The camera is shot through the point of view of something, which is searching prey. As the music begins it starts and then stops and starts again then stops, this also makes the audience think that there’s something stalking something, the starting and stopping of the music also reflect a persons heartbeat. The music, then goes from being slow to fast this builds up tension for the audience. In the first attack you begin to hear music starting very slowly when a girl goes for a swim early in the morning/ late in the night, the music then gets faster and faster as its getting closer and closer to the girl. The music then stays at the same tempo as the shark is attacking the girl and the music then ends as the shark has eaten the girl and has then left. The second time you hear the music is on the second attack. There are people on the sea and on the beach. The audience begins to hear the music as the camera begins to be filmed from underwater from something’s point of view. This time the music starts fast and stays at a steady speed and the camera moves around as if it’s looking for something. The shark attacks a little boy and eats him, the music stops after the attack where the audience knows that the shark has left.

The first attack begins in the middle of the night early in the morning, there is the sound of a mouth organ being played at a beach party, and this music reflects the environment and everything around to be calm. A large bonfire is in the middle of a group of young adults. The camera pulls back to show us a wide shot of the sea, to make the audience think there is no danger, we can also hear the noise of the sea in the background. A drunken woman begins to run on the beach towards the sea, and there is also a drunken young man running after her, because he likes her and wants to know her name. The girl undresses herself on the way into the sea. She jumps into the water and begins to swim; meanwhile the guy running after her is so drunk that he falls unconcious on the beach. The girl unaware of this continues to swim, the audience feels that the girl is safe and are not expecting for anything to happen to her. The camera is shown from the shark’s point of view and the music begins, this is to make the audience aware of the shark’s appearance, the girl has no idea that she’s on the shark’s territory. The camera then begins to shoot from underwater as if something is coming closer and closer. Followed by that something comes and pulls the girl from underwater, the poor girl unaware of what it is. The audience wants the guy to wake up. The girl screams and shouts for help, meanwhile the audience gets tensed and want the girl to escape from the shark, as the guy is unavailable to do because he has passed out. The girl is then pulled into the water, the music stops and there is no sign of the girl left.

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The second attack begins with a boy called Alex, coming out if the sea during the day.  The camera mid-shots the boy and focuses on him. Alex walks up to his mum and asks for another little while in the water. After pleading to his mum she allows him to staying there for another ten minutes. Alex takes a yellow lilo and goes back in to the sea.

There is a mid-shot with a man in the back playing a game with his dog throwing sticks in to the sea for his dog to go and fetch there is ...

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