Evaluation of our show at Marbella Youth Art Festival.

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Evaluation of our show at Marbella Youth Art Festival

We decided to produce our forum theatre at “El Ingenio” as the Marbella youth festival took place there. This was a great opportunity to show our play and make people reflect about the important topic that we dealt with which is fitting in. We had been rehearsing for about two weeks and now we were to show our performance. What we tried and do was show the audience a common problem which everyone has seen or dealt with. We thought that involving the audience would help them to understand more about the topic.

During our rehearsals we were not concentrating as much as we should have and we should have been more focused in our characters because this caused us to lack of confidence and to feel unprepared. We also found out at the end of the show that we did not speak with clear and loud voices, this made the audience not understand some of the things we were saying.

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Another thing that we should have included was a more formal script as some of us did not follow all the scenes as planned and did not say what we were meant to say, this caused others taking part in this play to be confused. But as we worked great as a team and supported each other in every way we could we managed to improvise and therefore cover up our mistakes.

Even though we made some mistakes we did achieve our purpose and we got a lot of response of the audience which was quite surprising as we ...

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