Evaluation of Workshop 1

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Evaluation of Workshop 1

This lesson was themed around “Confinement and Free Will”. Miss Cunningham commenced the lesson with the statement “Freedom is a far off impossibility”. We then had to create a whole-class still image which captured this feeling. I thought the image we created was very effective, as the illustration reflected our confinement – everyone looking towards the heavens, some with their arms stretched upwards, as if to try and grasp freedom. This image really showed confinement powerfully. The next statement we were presented with was “”. [TEXT]. After this, Miss showed us a picture that had been painted by Picasso during his “Blue Period”…

I think this picture really expresses the confinement of the lady – firstly, the colours are blue – this symbolises how cold the atmosphere is. Secondly, the fact that the lady has her back to us – this suggests that she is hiding something or is feeling ashamed. Consequently, she is hunched up – this illustrates the fact that she wants to keep herself to herself and she is having a tough time in life. We were then given the task of forming the shape she was in - the easy part. After this, we were given a few minutes to think about how this lady would feel. Miss then picked some of us at random to do a thought track on how we were feeling (as if we were that lady). Some of the feelings expressed I thought particularly effective were…

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  • Ahmed’s monologue “Twenty years like this. Twenty years. I just wish I was free”. This, in my opinion, illustrates the confinement the pictured lady is experiencing. She looks as if she is trapped by where she is – the longing for freedom. Ahmed’s monologue illustrates this. “I just wish I was free” - This is how I would feel if I was in this position.
  • Dhaval’s monologue – “Why did he have to commit suicide? He was my closest friend. Why did he have to go?” This is a rather different interpretation of the picture, but nonetheless, a ...

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