Examine the ways in which the director of "The Sixth Sense" maintains the audiences belief that Dr Malcolm Crowe is still alive - What clues are we given that he is dead?

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Examine the ways in which the director of “The Sixth Sense” maintains the audiences belief that Dr Malcolm Crowe is still alive. What clues are we given that he is dead?

A number one film as soon as it hit the cinema, “The Sixth Sense” was a phenomenal hit from day one, producing $100,000,000 in seventeen days. Directed by Michael Night Shyamalan, the supernatural thriller showed its first screening. As soon as word passed round of the unique unexpected twist at the finale, audiences were grabbed wherever it was shown. It awakened the audience’s senses to what they could not see. The sixth sense is an ability to perceive in a way that exceeds common awareness, generally assessed with paranormal acts.

The story revolves around the two main characters, Dr Malcolm Crowe, and young eight-year-old Cole Sear. A factor that made the film successful is that it starred two great, gifted actors. Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis play Malcolm Crowe and Cole. The plot of the story is about child psychologist Malcolm Crowe who decides to help Cole Sear with a similar problem to another disturbed former patient, who ends up ending Malcolm’s and his own life from the beginning of the film. The audience are not told how serious the wound is for it is covered with Malcolm’s hands and a high-angled shot is used so as not to see what has happened in close-up.  The main story is set a year after this event, and the audience are made to believe that he has made a full recovery, but this is not the case for Malcolm is dead for the remainder of the film.

The film is aimed for audiences over the age of fifteen years as it consists of disturbing images that could frighten an audience. The clever devices used to distract the audience in the film are very complicated and creates tension children may not enjoy. Throughout the film the audience are distracted by spectacles and ignore most clues that lead them discover the truth about Malcolm at the end. After realising the twist, viewers want to re-watch the movie to catch all the signs given.

In one of the first scenes at the start of the film Malcolm and his wife Anna examine a silver plaque that Malcolm received for his hard work as a doctor. Malcolm’s his wife exclaims: “This is an important night for us. Finally someone has recognised the sacrifices you made” This is undeniably a hint, and a clue the audience are given that Malcolm may soon be dead because soon it will be one of the doctor’s patients whom he dedicated his job to that will end his life.

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After Malcolm is shot the scene very swiftly moves to another day and the words “next fall” appear to show that the story is set a year later. The fact that the audience observe Malcolm walking and talking to Cole maintains the audience’s belief that he is still alive, as this is what an every-day person would do, but on the other hand Mr Crowe is still wearing the identical clothes he wore the day he got shot. At some scenes he wears an additional coat, hat or tie, but he is always seen in the same shirt and ...

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