Explain the advantages of presenting ideas through a play Stones in his Pocket' was written by Marie Jones

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Explain the advantages of presenting ideas through a play

‘Stones in his Pocket’ was written by Marie Jones and it is about a film company which is making a feature film in County Kerry in Ireland where some of the local are employed as extras. In 1952 the film ‘The Quiet Man’ starring John Wayne was also practically set in the same place. The play tells the story of, Sean a young Irish teenager and two Irish extras, Jake and Charlie who give their views and how if effects the village                     

The advantages of a play over a movie or a book are numerous. First of all, the audience are actually at the theatre watching the play live. The audience make an effort to get to the theatre. This shows that the audience have come to enjoy the play. Another advantage is that in a play, you can decide whom you want to watch, where in a film you have to see through the director’s view. Another factor that benefit plays is imagination. In a movie, you do not have to imagine much at all as everything is told to us. In a book it is quiet the opposite. You have to use your imagination a lot. However in a play, it is in between, you do have to use your imagination but not that much.  

The play is extremely funny in that the two actors very cleverly portray several characters in the play. This technique is one of several dramatic devices which enhance the telling of the tale. However, mixed in with the humour, there is an underlying black theme of poverty, hopelessness and suicide amidst the glamour of the Hollywood movie.

In ‘Stones in his Pocket’ the quality of acting is immense. There are two men and they play fourteen parts between them. This suggests that Jean Paul van Cauwelaert (Jake) and Martin Jenkins (Charlie) had to learn the lines, positioning, behaviour, and the different voice for each character they acted out. To the audience, the whole play appeared to be amazing. There are two main ways on how to act. One is Brecht and the other is Stanislaski. Brecht is a style that relies on the audience’s reflective detachment rather than the production’s atmosphere and action. On the other hand Stanislaski is an innovative method of acting that emphasises the psychological motivation of the actor.  

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In the play, all the characters are played by one of the two styles. The Hollywood characters have used Brecht as a way of acting while the local characters have used Stanislavski’s         method.  

The first impression the audience has is the set which is very simple but effective. There is a blue sky with clouds on a backdrop which is brightly lit, suggesting it is a bright sunny day. The backdrop is also bordered to make it look like a film reel. A row of shoes can be seen and as the audience begin to realise what the ...

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