Game Shows and Quiz Shows

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GCSE Media Coursework                Emily Shimell

Game Shows and Quiz Shows

My task is to create an idea for a new game show or quiz show. I have to imagine I am a television company and send a letter to a TV channel making a pitch for my new show. I also have to design a set for my game show.


I am going to research some other game and quiz shows to see what is in common with each programme, and where there is a gap in the market. I am going to look at:

  • What channel is the show on?
  • What time?
  • What adverts are used before, during, after?
  • Who the adverts may be aimed at

I need to study each game show and be able to categorise each into which is a game show and which is a quiz show. I also need to decide which audience it is aimed at to help me with designing my own show. I am going to look at the following points with each game and quiz show to analyse it.

  • Host – age, dress, manner and behaviour, language and how they interact with the audience and contestants. How they talk to the camera and what they are famous for.
  • Set – colours, lighting, podiums, lights, buzzers etc. as well as the layout in the studio. This is known as the mise en scene.
  • Prizes
  • Contestants – Are they ordinary members of the public or celebrities? What ages and social background do they have? Male or female, or a mixture, working alone or in teams?
  • Likely Audience – From the style of the show and the questions asked, plus the times of transmission and the adverts. I will also suggest what the audience is getting out of the show and there reasons for wanting to watch it.

The shows I will be analysing for these features are:

  • Call my Bluff
  • Friends like these
  • 15 to 1
  • Supermarket Sweep

I also researched into times of different types of quiz and game shows by looking at the ‘TV Times’ and seeing which times and days were the most popular showing times.

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I found out that Wednesdays were the most popular days for quiz and game shows on the terrestrial channels I also found that there were no quiz and game shows on the terrestrial channels on Sundays, and there was only one show including all of the digital channels, which was at 9:25pm, which was Who wants to be a millionaire. This shows me that Wednesdays are the most popular days for shows and Sundays are the least popular days.

The first game show I watched to analyse was Call My Bluff. The host of Call My Bluff is Bob ...

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