GCSE Performing Arts Dance: Extended Programme Notes - Title of Dance: Extremes of Wealth

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GCSE Performing Arts Dance: Extended Programme Notes

Title of Dance:  Extremes of Wealth

Solo Choreography

 The first 8 counts of the choreography will be purely for dance purposes and will be performed on the floor. I decided to do this so that I could present the upper class person could dance to the correct part of the music and when the upper class person starts to dance this will flow easily from the floor dance all the way through to the lower class persons part of the dance and through to the ending.  

Example of floor movement:


  My choreography represents extremes of wealth from upper class wealth to lower class wealth. The part of the dance where I shall be dancing as an upper class person has a lot of simple movements e.g. a simple motif of walking four walks in a circle. Most of the movements in this part of the dance also uses a lot of the legs and arms as I wanted to show the effect of the upper class person wearing a corset style dress in which a rich, wealthy upper class person would have worn. The second part of the dance has a lot more movements involving the whole body which shows that the lower class person has no restrictions as to what they have to wear and who they have to impress, whereas the upper class person has to show wealth, decency and is there to impress more superior people other than themselves.

     In the first section Of my dance I wanted to show the audience the idea of an upper class citizen so I decided that the majority of the movements would not use the middle section of the body would be straight and upright with shoulders back and head tilted upwards a bit showing this as confidence and wealth.

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   The dynamics of the first part of the dance are quite calm and slow as the music is quite classical so slow, light movements are essential for this part of the dance. The floor patterning in this section is mainly facing the front but in one section of this part of the dance I am showing a superior person beckoning the upper class citizen over and the upper class citizen then impresses that person. This will be danced to the side as if facing the superior person.


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