Goldeneye: how does the pre-credit sequence keep us watching?

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The film Golden Eye (1995) is a well known film. Martin Campbell, the director uses many techniques such as death defying stunts, villains, attractive Bond girls, exotic locations, and sarcastic humour to create an exciting action film. Even though the audience all know that MI6’s finest agent James Bond will escape near death, save the day and bed the girl, we all return to watch the next mission. Goldeneye fulfils all of the audience’s expectations by exploring all the music, camera angles and shots that Campbell uses I intend to show that Goldeneye is one of the most exciting Bond films available.

At the start of the film, the audience sees a black screen with white spotlights coming from the left hand side. The spotlights are in the middle of the screen, then leaving the at the right hand side. Bond walks into the gun barrel and faces the camera and shoots his gun. It has a white and black back ground until he shoots his gun when it becomes red. This creates the illusion of blood falling down the screen. The barrel shakes from side to side before the whole image becomes one whole searchlight. The searchlight goes into the bottom left hand corner. This makes it look like the light is becoming the plane. You know this because it makes the sound of a plane. The plane then returns into the middle of the screen. Martin Campbell keeps the audience watching by inventing new gadgets, different transport and sound affects. The audience know what to expect because the good guys always win, so they know that some gadget is going to rescue him and that he always gets the girl.

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The opening sequence is an important event in a Bond film. Ever since the second James Bond film, there has been an action sequence as an introduction to the main feature. These sequences invariably involve dangerous stunts, which are designed to act as eye candy. Since 1977 when Roger Moore skied off a cliff to safety.

The pre-credit sequence has involved aerial stunts. Campbell continues this tradition with not one, but two aerial stunts in his pre-credit sequence including a bungee jump and a preposterous freefall into a plane. The sequence begins with a plane flying but we ...

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