Gregory’s girl coursework

Gregory’s girl is a play about teenagers who do not apply to the normal stereotype of men and women in society. The play was set in Scotland in 1984 it is about teenagers and their problems. In the play it was set in a large council estate with a lot of children this suggests maybe vast poverty and incredibly large families.

Gregory is about 15 years old he lives in Scotland he plays in a foot ball team where he was a striker. At the end of the play he is demoted to goal keeper this was because is wasn’t very good at foot ball and lost many games. We know this when we hear “its only 8 games you’ve lost” this suggests he is to blame for the teams down full and is not a good football player. Gregory lives in a large council estate with his mum, dad and his little sister Madeline. In the story Gregory doesn’t seem to get along with his mum and dad. This is suggested when Gregory’s dad says “your mother was asking about you only the other day. I told her we met in the hallway briefly last Thursday”. A normal family would speak to each other everyday and will spend time together. This is odd that they aren’t close but there is another twist this is that Gregory counsels in his little sister and treats her like his mother.

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We see Gregory in fantasy land lots of times in the play. Where in the film he almost gets hit by his fathers car and as well Dorothy is also another fantasy because Gregory says” body contact” in the play while he is looking at Dorothy this is weird and he is obviously daydreaming about something else.

The first time that Gregory sees Dorothy in scene 5 they are on the football pitch. She is much better than him during the play and he is seduced by her football skills. The audience assumes that Dorothy will become Gregory’s ...

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