How are women represented in science fiction films today

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How are women represented in science fiction films today

(Focussing on T2)?

Science fiction films have changed a lot since the days of rubber monsters and fake blood. This is not only because of the advance in technology but also in the brave character choices directors of films are now taking. A prime example of this can be seen in T & T2 in regards to the character of Sarah Connor.

The representation of women in Science fiction films has changed dramatically the more traditional feminine role. Representation is the act of representing, or the state of being represented. Fore instance, something that represents an image or likeness of something. An example of this in T2 is Sarah Connor who is represented as a really strong, masculine and manly character who has all the qualities in a film that a man would normally have.

In science fiction films, initially women are represented as wimpy, vulnerable, and defenceless. Most films stereotype women into an image of defenceless and needy person and they have to rely on a man or someone much more powerful to save them from a dreadful situation.    

Conventions are very important as they help the audience to understand what genre a film is and why. It usually refers to the established ways things are done within a narrative. The main conventions of a science fiction film are that there is normally a short, catchy title. One that can be glued in the audience’s brain, making sure they never forget. Most characters are futuristic, alien and machine like. Their costumes are ahead of their time and not like anything people wear today. The narrative goes something like a mythical, unrealistic creature coming from outer space supposed to destroy a group of people or the world. In addition to this sci- fi films have a lot of animation or computer graphics put into the film to give to make a bigger impact on the audience.

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As mentioned Terminator 2 has all of these factors. It is a typical science fiction film with a twist as there’s quite a bit of emotion involved. For example, the relationship between John and his mother and also John and the Terminator. Moreover it is an action and a thriller too, so it appeals to various people. The story consists of a shape-shifting cyborg which is sent back from the future to kill John Connor before he can grow up to lead the resistance. John from the future, sends a protector too, he is programmed to do whatever he ...

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