How did rehearsals and the production process contribute to the final performance.

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07/05/2007                                                                                                    Jack Bitton    

Question 6.) How did rehearsals and the production process contribute to the final performance.

        Our initial discussions concerning our stimulus Nighthawk by Edward Hopper was focussed on how we could use the loneliness ever present in his paintings. We choose Nighthawk especially because we wanted to reflect how distant the people seemed in the Bar. Our first devising technique was to choose a part of our image to act out in tableaux; we choose the cigar in the sign of the bar. We used the time period of the painting to reflect how the social culture regarding smoking was fashionable, and how the working man could come home to relax with a cigar. We then devised another tableau to contrast the time period with present day beliefs and fashions regarding smoking, and in this we showed how unsocial it had become. The overall direction we got from this exercise was how influential people were around the 1970’s, and we wanted to reflect the concept of office work and how monotonous it was. We firstly created a character that suffered from loneliness, (Richard) and wanted to show what effects this illness had on his life. We looked to frame the piece around him being submitted to a mental institute, and decided to improvise a scene involving Richard and a psychiatrist, where Richard was exposed to multiple probing questions piecing together why he was there.  We were not happy with how the idea looked, and felt that someone with a mental illness being to submit to a mental institute was a bit cliché. Looking back on this decision I felt that we made the right decision but feel that it would be interesting to stage the play around this discussion and to show scenes on exploring why and when he developed his illness, but leaving parts incomplete and up to the audience to puzzle together.

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 The direction of the piece was unknown at this point but we liked the idea of showing why he developed and suffered from loneliness. We choose to use a playground scene from when he was a child, because this point of a person’s life is extremely influential, and in the painting Nighthawk it shows how a group of individuals in a social environment could look so alone and distant apart. The effect we wanted from the scene was to show the audience a consequence of bulling, and to have a rather happy atmosphere and then to invert that suddenly. An ...

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