How did the group plan for a range of responses from the audience?

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How did the group plan for a range of responses from the audience?

  • Due to our theme of the feudal system i.e. levels- we had to show this theme to the audience through feelings of each of the three characters- Mike, Ang and Ryan. They were each given one monologue. This was in order to heighten the relationship with the audience and bring them closer with them too because the audience know what the character is feeling and that no other character in the play is aware of these feelings. This in turn causes a response of sympathy from the audience due to this private relationship.

  • We tried to show to the audience how the Feudal System works and how it doesn’t. We also tried to show a type of moral to the audience so they had something to take home with them- this was the point that you shouldn’t make yourself better off by making someone else worse off. Another way of response from the audience was by using the theme of Macbeth and Shakespeare’s tragedies as a whole- we wanted the audience to understand that the better person always gets his/her revenge over the evil person; even though our ending was very shocking but my argument is: so are Shakespeare’s!

  • I feel that the audience will least expect our last scene and it will be a great surprise. There was a spotlight only on Mike in the last monologue, during this Mike improvised the knife which I think will gain shock from the audience as it is a bit extreme but like I said earlier by having the stimuli of Shakespeare then it needed to be extreme. Once the monologue finishes Mike turns around to face Ang and Ryan then the blackout and classical music played to calm the situation so that the audience have time to reflect.

  • The chat room scene is very much like a monologue except without hearing the speech. We decided to do this to give the audience breathing space from the movement on stage. We felt that the audience would focus on this scene as the chat room is very eye candy. This chat room scene also made the audience again what they Ang and Ryan were feeling.

How did rehearsals and the production process contribute to the final performance?

  • At first rehearsals were very hard as we were undecided on what our play was going to be about i.e. stimulus etc. We tried different stimulus’s e.g. Money but thought that it was too uncreative as it is quite a popular topic. Once we had decided on our stimuli rehearsals became much easier.
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  • We started off by improvising our scenes, this was good as it made us think on the spot about where the play was heading. Improvisations give you the opportunity to see what stays in i.e. good and what goes out i.e. bad. Without improvising we would have never come up with the ideas that were used in the final performance.

  • Also the fact of bonding and gelling together as a group in rehearsals helped us in the final performance because it gave us the opportunity to see which character suits which person and the possibility of seeing each ...

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