How did your role emerge and how was it communicated?

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1. How did your role emerge and how was it communicated?

After choosing our stimulus and deciding on the themes of our play we decided to think about the characters. My character came from the group simply brainstorming ideas of people we could use to go through the park. We wanted to steer away from the stereotypical characters and try to find ideas with more depth. When we thought of having someone who was in a wheelchair, we thought this would be a really clever character to challenge the audience with. Often when you see a disabled person you do assume their unhappy and feel sorry for them; however our character was quite simply the opposite. She wasn’t disabled but merely liked the fact of getting attention from being in a wheelchair. On first impressions the character sounds particularly immoral however after the audience hear the monologue they find out the reasons why and learn more about the character.

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When we were choosing who would play which characters I was at first a bit unsettled about playing the part in the wheelchair as I felt it would be a huge challenge. I opted to try because I could slightly identify with the character as my Aunty is in fact in a wheelchair, which meant I could talk to her in order to give me confidence in my movement.

To help me experiment different ideas with my character I decided to improvise in order to try different ways of structuring the speech and to allow the character to ...

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