How did your role emerge and how was it communicated?

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How did your role emerge and how was it communicated?

        The theme of our devising piece was based on the musical genre. Our stimulus was based on a painting which is located in a café which looks to be set in the 1920’s era in America. This linked to our ideas as music was a big issue for the 1920’s, especially Jazz music, which is one reason why we decided to use the musical genre and the selected stimulus linked to this.

The performance is mainly focused on two characters, Jasmine and Starlet, and their lives and how they got to fame and how easily it can be destroyed. The other characters within the play were Bessie Smith and Ma Rainy, two real life stars of the 1920s that needed to brought down and taken out of the spot light for Jasmine and Starlet to make it big. A man named Ricky Bobby was also thought of that would play Ma Rainy’s boyfriend who is also having an affair with Bessie behind her back.

It isn’t until half way through the story, the main character I play comes to light. For the first half of the performance I play smaller characters that helped contribute to the performance and I fell they are just as important as the main characters within the scenes.

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For the opening scene I used acting techniques to help create the characters I played. I first used mime because while the scene opens, with music playing. I had to play various customers within the café where we located the scene where mime had to be used. For the same scene I then moved into standing at an angle with my arms together pointing outwards in front of another member of my group. We were now using physical theatre as we were playing doors for the entrance and exist to the café. Shortly after the customers enter, me and the ...

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