How do the codes and conventions of a genre make Trainspotting a success?

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How do the codes and conventions of a genre make Trainspotting a success?

Trainspotting is a drama/fantasy film directed by Danny Boyle. Famous actors included Ewan McGregor, who plays Renton, a Scottish junkie who wastes his life by having his life evolve around drugs until he gets sent to court and then hospital; he then decides to clean up his act and clean up.

        The film starts off with Renton (McGregor) running through the street with friends, he explains his life and friends. We get the impression from him he thinks drugs are good and he doesn’t care about anything else apart from having a good time.

        Teenager and young males who are middle-lower class are most likely to watch this film as some people may be able to relate to this film especially drug users who are now clean. Trainspotting attracts a niche audience rather than a mass audience because people may not want to watch a film which involves awful material such as drugs, sex and abuse as this may offend people. It is more aimed at audiences who are able to select and reject the information given; active audiences.

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        The typical generic conventions of the place where Renton is staying is a council house which is messy, walls falling apart, mould, mattresses of floor, tatty clothes and old television and sofa. This tells us that he is lower class and a typical drug user. We also get the impression like they are squatters from the state of the house and all the people living in there.

        The narrative in the film is non linear and has a montage sequence, by doing this it keeps us interested because it isn’t straight forward like most films. We are also put in ...

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