How does Gurinder Chada create interest and show the conflict of cultures in the film Bend It Like Beckham?

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Bend It Like Beckham

How does Gurinder Chada create interest and show the

conflict of cultures in the film Bend It Like Beckham?

Gurinder Chada creates conflict of cultures in various different ways in the film Bend It Like Beckham. Gurinder Chada uses techniques such as accents in the voice, contrasts, stereotypes, sarcasm, characterization and juxtaposition of British and Indian cultures which creates humour. This creates a film that attracts the attention of the audience and keeps them interested in the storyline.  

In the film Bend It Like Beckham a young female Indian footballer hopes that one day she will be able to become a professional footballer and play for her country. Her parents however have other ideas. They believe that as a young female teenager who is growing up, traditional household roles should be taught. Her mother does not agree with her enthusiasm in playing football. Jasminder (a young female Indian footballer) is expected as a woman to be married and maternal. This brings up many issues where stereotyping and sarcasm is used by characters to emphasize their opinions.

The director uses sarcasm as one of the many techniques to attract the viewer’s attention in the film Bend It Like Beckham. Sarcasm is used by many characters to express their views on other characters opinions. We see this in the character Jules (Jasminder’s friend). Her mother feels that as a teenager at her age she should not be out kicking a ball on a pitch for pleasure but instead, searching for a male companion. Jules is a tomboy and does not dress to impress, her mother constantly persists that her daughter pay attention to her appearance. Jules’ response to her mothers nagging is consistent sarcasm and that is how she communicates with her mother. This is because her mother does not agree with the way she socialises and Jules simply makes sarcastic remarks or laughs at her mother’s point of view. This creates humour and shows the conflict of culture. Jules’s mother believes that she should act like any other ‘normal’ female teenager. Whilst Jules believes that her enjoyment in playing football is not shameful, her mother simply stereotypes showing conflict of cultures whilst creating humour. We see this in one particular scene where Jules and her mother are in a bra shop, and Jules’s mother is demonstrating each bra’s functions to her. Jules not paying attention ignores her mother’s ‘advertising’. To emphasize why the bra’s she chooses are appropriate, she heaves her daughter’s chest and pushes it up, she tries to explain why sports bras are useless but her daughter finds this embarrassing and screams at her mother for making a scenery of the situation. Jules walks of to the section where sports bras are stocked and her mother sighs trying to grab her daughter’s attention away from that section. This creates humour because the viewers feel embarrassed for Jules, when her mother touches her in a public place this results in fits of laughter.

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To show the cultural differences between both families in the film the director makes the characters put an exaggerated accent on. This is mainly seen with Jasminder’s parents who tend to communicate in English but with Indian accents. This is to emphasize the Indian culture. In the opening sequence this is shown when Jasminder scores the ‘winning goal’ and there is a talk between the commentators. The humorous part is when Jasminder’s mother is asked about her view on her daughter‘s talent; she surprises the commentators by a sudden outburst of anger. She screams in a strong Indian accent ...

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