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Focus on the build up to the shower scene


        Alfred Hitchcock’s fantastic thriller Psycho was made in the 1960’s. At the time it was known to be a groundbreaking film. ‘Psycho’, introduced many new things that had never been done or seen on a screen at the time. It was the first time a woman was shown in a bra and the first time a toilet had ever flushed on the big screen. Seeing the film the viewers called it “mother of modern horror movie”. This was because the taboo subject dealt with matricide. Hitchcock wanted to manipulate his audience into fear and loathing so he reverted to black and white instead of colour. As he thought the film would be more effective and daunting in black and white.

The title of the film ‘Psycho’ itself brings tension and suspense to peoples mind. Psycho means a person with mental disorders. This gives the feeling that the film is about horror and terror. The beginning of the film is very calm and feels like an everyday situation. This makes the viewer feel relaxed and calm. There is no tension building up which makes the viewer feel secure. Only after when Marion decides to steal the money the film gets more exciting and tension all of a sudden starts to build up. The audience are determined to know what happens next because of the suspense created when Marion runs away with the money. The main part of the film the ‘Psycho’ is not yet introduced till later so the viewer focus is on the money.

As she makes her escape with the money a lot of tension and suspense is built up. The scene when she makes her way in the car the tempo of the music suddenly changes from calm to fast tension building, as she feels guilty. When Marion sees her boss walk past her as she was on her get away the tension is really high her boss stares at her and the music tempo goes really high and there is suspense. In the car when she is driving away with the stolen money, the audience hear the voices in Marion's head. The audience hear what Marion is thinking. The voices make the audience feel frightened because they hear what Marion is thinking, and therefore they are put into Marion's mind. 

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When the policeman with his unusual sunglasses knocks on Marion’s car’s window. Marion’s reaction to the police officer is calm but tension slowly builds up as the officer asks more questions. The policeman let’s her go but he still follows her, which is strange and makes the viewers tense. Then there are quick view shots of Marion looking through the rear view mirror when the policeman approaches her in her car.  There are point of view shots looking through Marion's eyes when the policeman is talking to her.  The audience are put in Marion's position when the policeman is interrogating ...

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