How does Pinter convey the struggle behind Deborah's "awakening" to an audience in his play "A kind of Alaska"?

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How does Pinter convey the struggle behind Deborah’s “awakening” to an audience in his play?

“A kind of Alaska”

At the moment we are studying a play called “A kind of Alaska”.

It is about a young woman who had an illness from when she was 15, she has been asleep for 29 years, and has now only just been woken up by an injection, but she struggles all through the play to understand that she is not 15 any more she is a grown women.

Deborah has a mind of a 15year old but the body of a 44year old.

You can see as soon as Deborah wakes up that she is struggling as she uses past tense, here is a quote from the play to show this,

“Who is it? It is miles away. The rain is falling. I will get wet.”

She also struggles to get sound out if her mouth as she whispers.

There are two main characters in the play, Deborah and the doctor, this helps the audience focus on Deborah.

Deborah speaks about things that may have happened in the past, that she still remembers,

“No one hears what I say. No-one is listening to me.”

This may have been what it as like when she was 15 but it could have been when she was asleep, she may have always been trying to speak out to people coming to check on her, she may have had some awareness of them.

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Deborah talks about her past, the things she says Might be the important things that have happened, she cannot just keep her mind on one thing, this shows how she is struggling to wake up to reality.

Before Deborah fell asleep there is a hint of sexual activity with her and her boyfriend that may have happened, as in the play she says,

“You shouldn’t have touched me like that. I shan’t tell my mother. I shouldn’t have touched you like that”

Or this could be from past carers who may have abused her.

The doctor has got ...

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