How does the director of "Shrek" use different techniques to establish the heroes and villains of the film?

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How does the director of “Shrek” use different techniques to                                                 establish the heroes and villains of the film?

“Shrek” is a modern inverted fairytale about an ogre (Shrek) and his friend Donkey to reclaim his swamp, and the characters they meet along the way. The filmmakers  create and use other techniques to crate sympathy for the three main heroes, Shrek, donkey and Princess Fiona. They use other techniques to set the villan, Lord Farquaad.

 The audience is manipulated to like Shrek as he is introduced, by the way he towards the camera and because he does the same things as normal people but in different ways. Shrek smiles at the camera making direct eye contact with it, acknowledging its presence as if it’s his friend by acting happy and friendly towards it. This makes the audience fell they are involved in the film and have a unique and individual relationship with Shrek like no other character in the film. Shrek is then shown doing various everyday droll activities such as bathing and brushing his teeth but he does them in strange and entertaining ways. For instance he bathes in mud and brushes his teeth with bug juice on a bone, these examples in the beginning set the tone for the whole film: Shrek is like everyone else except he does things in different ways. Shrek's swamp is colourful and bright and matches his bright green well, the music as the film opens is bouncy and modern which mirrors Shrek as a character and adds an other dimensoin to his character.

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 Donkey is introduced at a fairytale market where owners are given money for fairytale creatures, which are then packed into cages and carriages by med-evil armour clad soldiers, presumably to be put in a prison camp. The creatures look very upset and unhappy including donkey who has not been sold yet and is arguing with his owner about being sold, Donkey is being treated badly and this creates sympathy for him, he also makes a lot of jokes “You may have seen a housefly, maybe even a super fly but I bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly,” he ...

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