How does the film, Judge Dredd, work as a commercial enterprise?

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How does the film, Judge Dredd, work as a commercial enterprise?

‘Judge Dredd’ was a blockbuster. Heavily marketed, produced and directed by Americans and heavily funded – by 75% of English money. And of course, the main role played by Sylvester Stallone makes it an attractive movie. We can see how it sells from these points.

Because 75% is funded by English lottery money, the British public could also say that this was an English film. This works because the film could be called ‘global or international’ and therefore people may not see it as a stereotypical American film.

The main character, Stallone, would be known for his all-out action movies, like ‘Rambo’ and ‘Demolition Man’ which were two years before this movie. This would draw the action demanding audiences.

The funding also helps marketing which of course helps any commercial product. Just like any of the products we see advertised today, cosmetics, sports equipment and so on, movies must be presented in the same way. Using posters located in public places, such as bus or train stops, people become aware of the film. Trailers of the film will appear on TV and other videos the publisher produces. The film reaches to the comic audience and these people will be familiar with the characters because it relates, and is partially based on the comic series ‘Judge Dredd’. The film actually begins with two comics that slowly merge together. This tells the audience what they are about to view and that it is based on the roots of the comic. More comics appear with militaristic music and the colours become brighter. One comic comes into closer view and the pages flick through. We can identify that this is an action comic from the pages and therefore we can assume a very major fact – there will be a superhero and a super villain. The music then changes to some heroic type and ‘Sylvester Stallone’ stands out because it is a bright yellow with a black outline. Obviously, the director is drawing attention to this as people will again, know what to expect. The actual name Judge Dredd works well commercially because the double D’s make it sound double dreadful and makes a very strong sound. At the end of the moving text (which seems like a parody of the same moving text in “Star Wars”), the background changes and “…they were the judges” ends this first part of the introduction and the acting begins.

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We first see a huge wall of some sort with mega bastions and this asks the question “Why such a big wall?”. A ship appears, and when it docks there are strong metallic and piston sounds, the audience know its going to be set in the future. There is a voice of a surely redundant woman announcing that the ship arrived is full of parolees. We are the introduced to Herman Fergusson – played by Rob Schneider. If people knew of him, they would know he was a comedian, made famous by TV show ‘Saturday Night Live’. I think that ...

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