How Does the Film Trailer for A Knights Tale Engage its Audience?

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How Does the Film Trailer for A Knights Tale Engage its Audience?

The film trailer “ A Knights Tale” shows its audience what the film will be about and tells a brief amount of the story, it does this by using many techniques.  The film trailer is spilt into five different sections all each with a different theme and the genres of the film.

Section one is the establishing scene.  This tells us the overall genre of the film and sets the mood and the atmosphere of the film and for the audience.  In this case the shots are split second action shots with quick movement in every shot either produced by the camera or a movement in the trailer, as the first section progresses the shots become faster and faster, each shot is ended by a black fade.  The black fades are effective because the shots are split second and the fades allow time for the shot to be processed in your head this is effective because it creates a tense atmosphere by making the audience think something bad is going to happen and it also effective because it draws the audience in by wanting to know what happens next.    The quick movement emphasises the action and the adventure and the adrenalin of the film.  If we look at one shot from the film where the fast movement is a split second shot of a horses hooves running we can see that the film will have lots of action in it because it is fast paced and it is of a horse running, this is also effective because the audience will be drawn in as the shot produces a lot of adrenaline for the audience.    

As the establishing shot sets the mood for the trailer, then there tends to be no voice over or dialogue.  However, in this trailer there is a lot of sounds; the theme tune for A Knights Tale is the song by Queen, it is the beat from We Will Rock You where each shot starts with the first beat from the drums and then ends with the last beat from the drums.  This is known as a non – diegetic sound, these are effective because they emphasise the pace of the film for the audience.  Any other sounds in the section are diegetic sounds, these all emphasise the action and adrenalines, for example when the horse was running, the sounds of the hooves against the stone floor emphasised that there was action taking place and it was fast and furious, this is effective as it makes the reader feel part of the action.

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So section one was a fast scene and set the genre of action for the audience, therefore the trailer has to be contrasted with sow movement, this is how section one ends.  It ends with a diegetic sound of the crowd cheering and a low angled tracking shot of a helmet flying in the air, this is effective because it draws the reader in further by making them work for the rest of the trailer as a new genre has been introduced of violence.      

Section two briefly touches on what the story will be about and ...

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