How does the mise en scene, editing and sound create meaning and generate response within the audience of 'Psycho'?

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How does the mise en scene, editing and sound create meaning and generate response within the audience of ‘Psycho’?

The opening titles of the film are split, lines bring the titles onto the screen which break it up.  This is a reflection of the personality of Norman Bates, he is two people and he has a split personality.  The title of the film, ‘Psycho’, is sliced up and animated – this is another reflection on his character.

The film opens with a wide shot of the city of Phoenix, it then pans down the buildings and across the windows.   The time ‘2.43’ appears on the screen just before the camera shows a window with the blind half down.  This suggests to the audience that something suspicious is going on inside.  This then makes it seem as if the camera is entering that room because the audience wants to satisfy its curiosity, this makes the audience feel involved in the story straight away.

In this scene the camera is looking down on the couple.  Sam is standing above Marion.  These two factors help to establish Marion as vulnerable and as a possible victim in the audiences mind.  Sam and Marion talk of being respectable and insinuate that if they had sex at her house they would have to turn her mothers picture to the wall.  Here it seem as if Marion feels she is still being judged by her dead mother as is Norman.  In the background of this scene a bathroom can be seen, this is a recurring part of the set in this film.  It must be noted that here she is wearing a white slip.

At work Marion’s colleague talks of her mother giving her pills, and the millionaire talks of buying his daughters unhappiness away.  It seems that this film is full of issues involving parental control of their children.  Or it could be Hitchcock’s way of inferring that there is a bit of Norman in all of us.

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After Marion takes the money she is wearing black, this is significant as before she was wearing white; now she has lost her innocence as a character.  As she packs the camera continually cuts to the money lying on the bed, this is done to show they way that the guilt is cutting at her.

When the film cuts to see Marion in the car we hear her having an imaginary conversation with Sam in her head.  At the lights she sees her boss and realises she has been caught.  The camera mounted in front of here, she continually looks ...

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