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How effective are the 2 articles on meeting the purpose And satisfying the audience?

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Nura Hassan 10 chestnuts How effective are the 2 articles on meeting the purpose And satisfying the audience? Looking at the studied articles "Lohan behold" by 'sugar' magazine featuring Lindsay Lohan and "I don't need to take care of a man to be happy" by 'cosmopolitan' featuring Jennifer Lopez we see the main purpose of the 2 articles are to sell the celebrities lives, and meeting the purpose by entertaining their audience. The title in 'sugar';"Lohan behold" is automatically promotes herself , it is in a rough, somewhat untamed font and cuts through the picture this may suggest that this is a reflection of Lohan being wild, untamed and has no control because she is new to the celebrity world. The title "I don't need a man to be happy" in cosmopolitan has emphasized the words 'take care' and 'man' and 'happy' the title is bold and eye catching and the emphasis of these words can suggest that they are trying to target the people especially women ...read more.


The photograph has a soft focus when there is a soft focus they want you to focus on Lohan but because her make up is heavy around the eyes and her lips are open signifying seduction and sexiness this proposes that the picture is forced and looks desperate "wild" which reflects that her character is wild, out going forced and some what extreme. Her clothing is not very visible unlike Jennifer's but we can see that it is hanging down/ draping down her arm which may indicate that her attitude towards celebrity life is slipping, the paparetsi boys est. making her feel like she needs publicity and that's why the picture looks so unnatural conversely this is effective because It appeals to the audience and influences there views on Lohan , in the article from 'cosmopolitan' Jennifer is more in control and has a more appropriate picture for her target audience which are women from 20-30 where as the picture from 'sugar' is suited for young adults from 13-17. ...read more.


Therefore Jennifer as well is trying to be advertised by putting a positive light on her in addition making the use of formal words like "speculation" and "identifies" to be appropriate to entertain and satisfy the audience which are adults. The both articles satisfy the audience because tell you about an everyday situation and problem but it is more alluring because it's based and happening on a celebrity and is easier to compare with our own lives. The anchorage gives a extra feature which supports the view of Lohan being important "apparently Colin Farrell turned down the lovely Lindsay when did he get so fussy" the italics on he is pointing the finger at Farrell making him look bad but in my view it just makes Lindsay look more desperate and in need of promotion where as Jennifer Lopez doesn't seem to need it, because she has so many years of experience in the celebrity light. ...read more.

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