How effective is the Mossley Hollins prospectus, as a media text?

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I personally think that the Mossley Hollins prospectus is very effective as a media text. This is because it communicates information in a written and visual form well, in many different ways. The prospectus has a purpose, a purpose which is to market the school. It does this by using a different variety of techniques including; connotation, denotation, anchors, rhetorical devices and also presentational devices. These devices are used throughout the Mossley Hollins prospectus.

The Mossley Hollins prospectus, in my opinion, contains three major reasons why it's so effective. It seems to me that the first reason for the Mossley Hollins prospectus being so effective is due to the personal approach to the audience and also the rhetorical devices used. Firstly this personal approach seems to be created by the continuous direct address throughout the Mossley Hollins prospectus. One example of many is clearly written on the first page reading:

"...Your child will have every chance to succeed..."

This is a very important language device that is used because, as I said, it's very personal towards the audience giving them a feeling of belonging. Although it gives a sense of belonging it also at the same time reassures the audience that their child will have a multiple number of chances to succeed in everything they wish, which then makes the audience feel comfortable with the responsibility of entering their child into the school.

Although direct address is vital in the prospectus, other rhetorical devices are obviously also vital. A rhetorical device that isn't used often but is still needed for the prospectus to be effective is facts. As I studied the Mossley Hollins prospectus I realised there were only a very small number of examples of this used throughout the prospectus, one reading:
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'...which opened in 1961...' '...any faith, race or ability...'

This is used completely to inform the readers about some of Mossley Hollins' history and it also seems by the mentioning "...race..." the school is an anti-racist school that permits nothing of this sort. Again this would be effective as it reassures the audience that their child would be in a good, safe school community. Opinions are the opposite of facts and are therefore not completely true. Opinions are again used throughout the Mossley Hollins prospectus one good example being based at the beginning of the prospectus starting ...

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