How rehearsals and the production process contributed to the final performance.

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How rehearsals and the production process contributed to the final performance.

During the first few rehearsals we worked as one large group. We began constructing scenes that contained as many people as possible. Scenes such as the ‘campus’ scene were constructed as a large group with every person involved. The second scene we created was the ‘positive trip’ sequence. Whilst these scenes provided us with some rough ideas they were not very focused, and due to every member of the group being involved we lacked a ‘director’ who could watch everybody and provide suggestions. We decided at this point that it would be smarter to split the production into several smaller stories. Each story would have a main character, and several supporting characters. However, the main character of each story is open to play the supporting characters in the other stories.

At first we were split into temporary pairs and each decided on a drug. The aim was to create a scene that showed the negative effects of the chosen drug. I worked with Jack, on the drug LSD. We had conducted research before this session about the effects of LSD. We read case studies on people who had experienced using LSD and its effects. It told us that LSD can cause both bad and good trips, and that bad trips often include pain and suffering and that they feel very real. When an LSD user experiences a bad trip it is likely that they will have flashbacks to the bad trip up to a year after having the bad trip. Jack and I decided to do a ‘flashback’ scene.

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Reading that ‘flashbacks’ often occur during periods of high stress or anxiety we set the scene as revising for an important test. We began by working away at some revision and then – where a “flash” would be or a change in the lighting state - ‘I’ began to choke Jack….and then we snapped back to work…with myself halfway through a sentence and ‘Jack’ questioning as to what just happened. We thought that the throttling could be a main part of the bad trip which would be developed at later stage. As the pairs changed this scene was dropped, ...

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