How successful is Pirates of the Caribbean in appealing to a wide audience?

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How successful is Pirates of the Caribbean in appealing to a wide audience?

          Pirates of the Caribbean has a wide range of attractive qualities such as the fast paced action and the way the camera work, music and action fit in together to make a           fantastic family film witch draws you to watch it again and again.

          The hero’s and villains play an interesting part but the best part is played by Johnny Depp as the anti-hero captain Jack Sparrow. His cunning personality makes you grin as even in the face of death he’s laughing and making jokes. For example towards the end of the film when he is about to be hung he is laughing at the crimes he is about to be hung for.

          He tricks people into a sense of security by making them think that he was clever and then he turns out to be clever. Just like in the beginig of the film when he gives some money to the docks man but then gets it back by taking his money which the docks man left on the side.

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          The main plot is really about Captain Barbossa and the curse of the Black Pearl although the film does have many sub-plots which are just as good, such as wills quest to rescue Elizabeth. The determination of will makes you want him to find Elizabeth and overcome any boundaries that stand in the way of him and Elizabeth. The search for Will Turners’ roots is another imaginative sub-plot. When Jack Sparrow turns up and reveals to him that his father is not the man Will thought he was. It turns out that instead of being ...

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