hunt of the royal sun

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The play is played out in out over two acts this is to represent the years it took for the Spanish to conquer the Incan empire. There are XXIV chapters this could either be the representation of the hours in a day or the months it took to conquer the empire. The 2 acts are also named “The Hunt” and “The Kill” I fell he has done this because there are two stages to the friendship between Atahuallpa and Pizarro from the open greeting to the actual killing of the son of the sun.



Mime is used in great effect in areas of the play that can not be described by words but a more potent and powerful image is that of the mime for actions always speak louder than words. This is used in the great accent were the Spanish climb and mountain that is being described by the character of Old Martin. This provides dramatic effect because it is being put across by a person, who actually lived through that exhausting experience himself. The mime in this scene is like a skeleton of a person. You know it’s a person but you don’t know what they look like or what there hair colour is or details such as this but having this narration adds in all those extra details you can’t see yourself but can see in your minds eye. I feel he dose this because it adds to your connection to the characters, seeing the good and also the bad times that this army had to endure over the two years of the campaign. It also helps the movement of the play because it shows that the play is moving and will be a struggle. The music is very simple and should be made by saws this is because it shows the unstable state of the mountain and how hard it will be to quell it. It also projects the upcoming clash of societies.

The second use of the mime technique is the last phrase before the interval I feel this is a good place to put this emotive scene. This is because it gives the audience the time to think over the scenes they have seen and the final epic episode of the massacre. I think that there’s no need for any speech because the use of drums and other subtle instruments would build tension much more effectively. If speech was incorporated it could snap the moments of tension. This scene is there because it is the knife through the heart of the Incan people with the de-thronging of the king Atahuallpa. Its true purpose is that it’s the final moment of the “Hunt” and it needed this dramatic and abrupt end. The music is described as savage this can be interpreted as frantic beating of drums or the description of the instruments used either Spanish like drums or Incan such as saws and bird call.

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This is a key part of the way that the play is to be put across. Words are not needed but it is the way that the hands, face and body is used to describe the events they wish to portray. A great illustration of the use of Physicalisation is in Act 2 scene VI ‘The rape of the sun’. This is were the sun is displaced from its place at the top and comes crushing down by being forced off its perch by the Spanish greed for gold. This scene is more of a reminder that ...

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