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I am going to be comparing and contrasting Snow White with the play Iron Hans (from Grimm tales)

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Drama coursework I am going to be comparing and contrasting Snow White with the play Iron Hans (from Grimm tales) which was a successful school production. We rehearsed it from October till November which was when we performed the play to a real outside audience. My contribution to the production of Iron Hans was as a King but also I acted as a huntsman too. My roles as King was quite enjoyable but at the same time difficult as my lines were split because some lines I had to narrate and others were normal. I basically was used to inform the audience on what was going on so I was a dramatic tool used to keep the audience engaged. ...read more.


The boy comes to a castle looking for work and falls in love with the beautiful Princess, he thinks to himself if I impress the King I will be able to marry his daughter. At the time the King's kingdoms is at war and are out numbered by the enemy so what the boy does is he calls Iron Hans and asks him to gather men to go and help the king. The King is grateful offers the boy gold but he says no and asks for the Princess's hand in marriage the King accepts. On the wedding day Iron Hans shows up and gives the boy lots of gold and they all live very happily. ...read more.


Both are set in medieval times and so the costumes are made to get that impression across to the audience, also props are important to reflect to time period as they are seen a lot. Overall I feel I acted my part very well and have learned a lot of knew skills from being in the production. As the King I had to speak slightly more posh take up more of a royal stance also I had to speak with more authority. I feel I mastered these skills and it was important for me to have done so as my role was quite crucial in the play. In comparing these two I would say I wouldn't have thought they would have as much in common at first glance, although there were a lot of similarities there were also a lot of differences too. Eddie Appau-Kwateng 11 DB ...read more.

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