In my GCSE trailer analysis we will investigate the trailer

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In my GCSE trailer analysis we will investigate the trailer “Spiderman 2” Then we will analyse the marketing techniques used in producing the trailer and its conventions.

A trailer is an extremely important tool in making the film. It encapsulates two minutes of the film trying to convince the audience that that film is worth while watching using many techniques including the unique selling point. The unique selling point is a feature that is unique to that film. This can be the actor or actress that stars in the film or the subject of matter the film portrays or even the way the film is made. The trailer has more impact on the viewer than posters because it involves moving pictures and sound, this gives the viewer a feel of the film.

The “Spiderman 2” trailer is altogether 1:27 seconds long this is enough time to catch the attention of the audience whilst not giving the plot away, also the studios have chosen to make the trailer of this length because it allows it to be more widely available, and this trailer can be found on the internet. If the trailer is widely available that would mean more people would view it therefore increasing the potential audience. The trailer starts of with the studio “Warner brothers” appearing. This is the studio that makes the film and raises the studio profile if the film is successful. Then a panoramic view of skyscrapers is shown. Toby Maguire voice over appears meanwhile twenty shots of Spiderman and the rest of the main cast appears in a period of twenty seconds this happens very quickly. There is intense sharp music inserted to add to the intensity and anticipation, the effect it has on the audience; makes the audience think it will we action packed with many more fights and special effects. This occurs because it immediately catches the audience attention with the shots of Spiderman on his web and the music adds to that. Then Toby Maguire says “I am Spiderman” this would definitely grab the audiences attention. Toby Maguire’s voice is used because it is familiar to the audience. Subsequently the audience will see Spiderman ditching his suit and walking away in a long shot, this intrigues that audience as to why he would be doing it. The shot then moves onto a scientific lab where there is this man with tentacles this is another element which intrigues the audience into thinking that he is the villain of the sequel to Spiderman. Man with the tentacles speaks him then is providing the voice over. The viewer then sees a red fireball in the middle then the camera shot cuts away by his tentacles rapidly moving onto the camera. This will add deep profile to the villain, making him look more daunting and scary. At this time the effect caused by these series of shots is of intrigue and interest the plot and villain and storyline are being unravelled.

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The shot then becomes a close up and the frame rate gradually increases, you see a boy talking to Spiderman then the shot quickly moves on to a building with fire, and you hear a scream. The music volume increases and then the frame rate is increased and the viewer will hear a voice over provided by the actress who play aunt may she’s says “there seems to be a hero in all of us” this coincides with the first Spiderman as that has a famous quote. “With great power comes, great responsibility” this quote was very famous in ...

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