In the first ten minutes, how does the film director of "The Sixth Sense" make use of various media techniques to deceive the audience?

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In the first ten minutes, how does the film director of “The Sixth Sense” make use of various media techniques to deceive the audience?

      “The Sixth Sense” is a mystery film which utilizes many deceptive and shocking tactics in order to shock the audience and fascinate the audience. It invites the them into the film by using the characters emotions to bring the film to a much more personal level, a level which in many ways the audience can associate with. By using a, what seems like, perfectly happy couple having an “evening in”, and turning it into a truly horrific sequence of events which result in the death of Malcolm. The audience is able to connect with the film and it is able to make the audience understand to a certain degree but never enough to fully understand what is happening until the end. This helps the audience feel involved, yet because they don’t truly know what is happening; they are filled with suspense and are intrigued to find out what is going to happen.

      The plot of the film is centered around two people who seem totally different, but when analyzed more closely, are very similar. These are Malcolm, who is a talented and established child-psychologist/psychiatrist. And Cole, who turns out to be Malcolm’s last patient. He is a troubled boy who troubles his mother and Malcolm with his erratic temperament and suspicious behavior at school.

     The film begins in a relaxed and comfortable way but as the happy couple retreat upstairs, they find someone has broken in. It turns out to be one of Malcolm’s previous patients, after a lengthy conversation, a conversation in which many opinions and views about Malcolm are built up, the patient ends up shooting Malcolm and then himself.                                                                          Immediately after this we are introduced to Malcolm’s patient, Cole. We do not know how long Malcolm has been helping Cole, and at this point we do not know what happens between the shooting and “this fall”, at this point we are also made to presume that Malcolm survives the shooting. Malcolm eventually helps Cole through his problems, and eventually Cole admits he is in fact able to see dead people, we do not know at this point that this is a clue to Malcolm’s own physical state. Malcolm helps Cole to overcome his problem and become less frightened by actually helping the dead and communicating with them rather then being frightened of them. In the end Malcolm, and the audience, discover that he was actually killed in the shooting at the beginning of the film.

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      However, I am just going to be analyzing the first ten minutes of the film. These first ten minutes of the film are an important part of the film because the film is actually set-out and formulated in these first ten minutes. Without the beginning ten minutes, the end of the film, and in fact the whole film would not make sense. This is because in the beginning of the film, you are told practically everything you need to know to work out the rest of the film. You actually see Malcolm get shot, but because we ...

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