In what ways were acting techniques or design elements and dramatic form used to achieve the intended effect?

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4. In what ways were acting techniques or design elements and dramatic form used to achieve the intended effect? 

From looking at the rehearsal process and the final piece I can clearly see the link between what we were attempting to ‘tell’ the audience and how we were trying to do that. There were various acting techniques and dramatic form that enable us to achieve the intended effects.

Monologues throughout our play were an extremely important acting technique which we used to enable the message and the story to be clear to the audience. My monologue was an important part of the play as I wanted to make sure the audience fully understood the character. I made sure that prior to them finding the truth I was always making certain unnatural movements in the wheelchair so that they could slightly see that there was something not right about the character. I did this right from the initial scene when we were crossing the park one by one. The first time I passed in a natural position but on the way back I passed the audience with my legs cross, so straight away I had placed insecurity about the character in their mind. I wanted the audience to be shocked by the monologue and what the character said so when writing the script I kept it short and to the point in order to create that effect. I broke down the scene into beats and established variation for each beat using emphasis, movement, volume and energy. I did this to communicate the emotions to the audience. To draw the audience in I spoke and looked directly at them throughout the monologue and to captivate their attention at specific parts I leaned forward in the chair. I wanted the audience to concentrate on what the character was saying so I made sure that when I was speaking the movement was minimal.

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We used specific genres and forms in order to achieve specific intended effects to the audience. The language we used in the play was colloquial so that the audience could easily relate to the characters and simply understand the conversations and interaction between the characters.

We kept the staging minimal and simple so that the audience’s attention was focused on the actors and what they were saying. When devising our piece and discussing it as a group we were constantly aware of what the audience would think and always considered the ideas from their position. Everything in our ...

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