In what ways were acting techniques or design techniques and drama forms used to achieve the intended effects?

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In what ways were acting techniques or design techniques and drama forms used to achieve the intended effects?


With all the changes and time spent organising the story line of the piece, we had little time to organise music, costume and props. However this worked out well as out piece was very intense and we wanted the audience’s full attention. We did not want to over do it, and make it over emotional and unrealistic. Therefore as a group we decided to use just one piece of music – Shindlers list. We used this at the beginning of the piece and at the end of the piece. We chose this piece of music as it was from the film “Shindlers list” which involves World War II. The music is very moving and therefore interacts with the audience. By only playing it twice it is not being over played and therefore doesn’t ruin the music.


The stage in which the piece was performed had five levels as shown below

The main stage was where most of the action took place. However the side levels and upper level were used also as just action on the main stage would be boring for the audience. We used the levels to show status between the characters and were also useful for split scenes. The side levels were classed as offstage, as it was the easiest place to stand when not onstage. We had a use of steps also, which were placed at the front of the stage. This was good to use as it gave us the audience a chance to see a bit of variety and get involved as we were closer to them. Speaking of getting close to the audience, much of our performance was performed IN and amongst the audience. This was to give them a better feel to what was going on. They were actually getting involved. At one point we actually went out into the audience and talked directly to them using them as a character.

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On stage were 4 boxes, these were normally used as seats. To clear these when not wanted we decided that whoever was not on stage in the next scene would take them off. The seats were not used often as it made too much fuss and could distract the audience. Instead we used the steps and the higher level to sit on as seats in some scenes where it was too complicated to bring on the boxes.


The start of the play and the entrance of the characters are very important as this is the part ...

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