Jude - The death scene opens with an assortment of moods and atmospheres.

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Hayleigh Cattermole

Jude Coursework

The death scene opens with an assortment of moods and atmospheres. The scene begins Jude frantically searching for a job. The sky is dreary and a non-diagetic sound of a depressing music is playing in the background to show their despair and there is a diagetic sound of rain pounding on the ground around them forming a dismal and dreary atmosphere. Then as Jude rushes over to Sue anticipation is produced and then unrestricted at the minute that he tells Sue that he has got the job. Rapidly the music changes and begins to become more lively, pleasant and more up beat. The rain also instantly begins to clear.

   Jude and Sue express there contentment by laughing and walking arm in arm. The haste then picks up as they begin to leisurely walk a long this illustrates to the audience the excitement that they are feeling. Considering the children and how they can now buy them clothes and food this makes the spectators feel pleased for Jude and Sue. The camera moves through the crowd with them using a mid shot almost as if allowing the viewers to be apart of the delight they are feeling. They are holding hands, teasing each other about who will be the first to tell the children about the excellent news building the tension and excitement up. They then race each other up the stairs. The camera shows an aerial shot, which allows the audience to view their happiness rather then be apart of it.

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   Then they reach their room and the pleasant music fades away gradually into silence. There is very little dialogue from there onwards is the whispering of Sue “They must be asleep.” And then Jude “What is wrong?” as Sue stands in stillness at the bedroom door. The sound of Judes heavy footsteps pacing across the hard wooden floor as he makes his way over to the door tension a rises. When they enter the room it is completely unpredictable. The threatening silence, heavy breathing, the echoing of Jude’s footsteps and the lifeless body of his son hanging, the audience ...

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