Little Polish Boy with Too Much Punch for Judy.

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Little Polish Boy with Too Much Punch for Judy

My Practical work in February was for Option   . It was a piece of TIE and based of persecution. It was devised from a poem about a little polish boy. The poem made the piece non-naturalistic and the direct address let the audience in on the characters feelings.

My contribution to the performance was to play the part of Little Polish Boy who was the focus of the piece because of the poem and brought pathos to the audience. As a group, we devised the script and researched details for each scene.

To help the TIE performance so that the information was true I looked for information regarding World War 2 on the internet and found many journals from prejudged victims during the war, the rest of my group did the same. The TIE production “Too Much Punch for Judy” which we read, watched and did some practical with helped my group with ideas for the play.

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The most useful material concerning the piece was the poem about the “Little Polish Boy” as it is a reoccurring stanza created in the piece. The poem sculptured the TIE aspect as it made the piece more emotional, which made the audience think and feel more for the characters.

Our piece was set in 1944 during World War 2 however too much Punch for Judy was a modern piece. The colloquial language that they used as opposed to the Basic English that my group used was another difference. Nothing about the historical period was similar as the other piece was ...

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