Media Text Analysis - Euro camp, Who is it appealing to?

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Media Text Analysis – Euro camp

Who is it appealing to?

The brochure is appealing to an audience of people who want to go on holiday. The holidays are based on staying in a slightly lower standard of accommodation therefore people who are not phased by this type of holiday would be intended for this brochure. The firm have targeted families for their holidays hence - all the activities for the children and minor nightlife that is available to offer, yet there are club in which the children can be left all day, like a crèche. This can be appealing to these targets because of the ideological backing that parents would wish to go away on holiday, leave the children somewhere and get on with their own activities. However, some families would want a more action packed holiday where they can go and get a ‘sun tan’ as well as taking advantage of the facilities the camp has to offer, and use the surrounding area and countryside to plan and execute a fun filled family holiday to remember. This could be applied to the stereotypical family of two parents and two children (one boy and one girl); because the firm are indicating that the facility they are offering has something for the whole family to enjoy. The firm could also base their campaign on new, young families; two parents and new born child. This is because the stereotypical view of young families have very little money to spend therefore are implying that there facility is very cheap and efficient, so go there. Each individual target has a pre-conception of how they think the camping holidays are and have an opinion on what they expect or are expecting from ‘Euro Camp’. This has been played on by the firm to create a new direction for the company in order to vacuum a new genre and area of people to use the product. This could, hopefully, create a new horizon for the company to attract new customers.

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The images used, more often than not, include the imagery of a pool with families surrounding and a glimpse of the destination where they will be staying. The photographs emphasise the fun and activity side of the holiday, therefore eliminating any pre-conceptions about the rooms so that the customers are not disillusioned when they actually see the arrangements. The photographs of swimming pools also have a lot of ‘Water Slides’ in them, exploiting the point of the fun side of the holiday. This is used to good effect as it usually has a child in the vicinity looking ...

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