Messages and Values in police/cop shows

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Compare the representations of police and criminals in two police series.

24 is a American drama with a very high production values. It has lots of locations

and  high status actors such as Jack Bauer. As its producer Fox, is very powerful. Its shown on Sky One which is a entertainment channel for young audiences .

24 is sequential and fast paced , which is suitable for its target audience ,  which I

 think is young men in their 20s because  it’s technological  and up to date; there are lots of gadgets and electronics. The male actors are wearing suits and have  sophisticated guns . Also because there is lesbianism depicted, very good looking actors and girls who are vulnerable, which is appealing to most young men.

The Bill also popular is shown on terrestrial television, Itv. Itv is a popular, traditional, commercial based channel. Usually aimed at middle-aged people and families.

The Bill is targeted at people in their late 40s . You can see this because it is routinely

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shown ; middle aged people usually like routine. Also the adverts in the break are about houses and furniture and the majority of the actors are middle aged. There are actors who are have appeared in programmes with similar targeted audiences because people find pleasurable to recognize actors. The actors are also look realistic to appeal to older people. The Bill episodes have recaps so you can watch any  episode and still know what is going on , this appeals to adults as they are often busy and may not have time to watch every episode.

The police officers in 24 ...

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