Musical films, Bride and Predjudice and Grease

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                      How do directors use musical scenes to engage the audience and

                                                                                  Create atmosphere?


 For years now, musicals have played an essential part in the film industry. Musical scenes are a feature incorporated by directors such as Randall Klies in for example “Grease”, as they engage audiences with their elaborate styles and dance sequences. Directors are generally attracted by musical scenes, because they allow audiences imaginations to experience an unrealistic setting of colourful costumes and extravagant dance routines, whilst still being able to follow  a  realistic story line such as the romantic family drama ‘Bride an Prejudice’ by Gurinder Chada which I have decided to analyse. The usage of musical scenes is that they bring a whole new level of excitement that non- musical scenes cannot attain.

   The two scenes I will be comparing are from the film Bride and Prejudice the song “No Life Without Wife” a British Indian film, directed by Gurinder Chada in 2004 and Grease “You’re The One I Want “directed by Randal Klies in the 1950’s.  The main actors and characters who have taken part in the musical scenes of ‘Bride and Prejudice’ are Lalitha Bakshi played by the heroine Ashwariya Rai accompanied by the hero William Darcy. The musical scenes from Bride and Prejudice “ No life without wife” is about the Bakshi sisters Jaya , Maya and Lakhi mocking a foolish well off Indian American Business man called Mr.Kholi , who is set to marry their oldest sister Lalitha ( Aishwaria Rai / main character ). “No life without wife” is the third musical scene from the film, it shows the audience that Lalitha does not want to marry for wealth or status, and just wants to be happy, irrespective of colour or caste.

  The scene takes place in the heroines house, in the girl’s bedroom, dinning room and outside in the courtyard. The effect of this in the sister’s room symbolises the idea of sisterhood. Outside in the patio Lalitha emphasises romantically of her ideal man and in the dinning room Lalitha reflects on how life would be after marriage with Mr. Kholi. The main characters in Grease are Danny played by John Travolta and Sandy played by Olivia- Newton John. The musical expresses  two Young college pupils who after many trials and tribulations; have decided to accept one another and be proud of who each other are by performing in a open and free like manner which expresses how suppressed they felt before compared to the love and freedom they feel now. The musical performance is performed in a very passionate way.

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   Music is the most important aspect in both these scenes, and creates an atmosphere which conveys exactly how the characters are feeling and perhaps a new turning point or issue the director would like to transmit. The music used for ‘No Life Without Wife’ is a modern, upbeat, and a funky song. There is a good rhythm that has a catchy, steady beat. Gurinder Chada has used such a rhythm because of the audience she has decided to aim for (Eastern and Western audience). It is targeted towards a younger generation. Also, Bride and Prejudice is made for not ...

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