Rich Woman

Ced - Precious Diamond

Wilson Family (Poor - Bad Mother, and good daughter)

Jo - Mrs. Charity Wilson (Bad Mother)

Marie - Lucy Wilson (Good Daughter)

Phillips (Poor - Good Mother and good daughter)

Pearl - Grace Phillips (Good Mother)

Kem - Niki Phillips (Good Daughter - Sociable)


Fows - PC Evans


Marie/ Ced - (Boy with AIDS)

Akua, Maria, Kemesha, Fowsiya, and Joana - (Boy's Friends)


Kem - Doctor Garrett

Fows - Nurse

Patients awaiting to see the doctor:

. Marie - AIDS

2. Pearl - Cold

3. Ced - Broken Leg

4. Jo - High temperature


A woman is astounded when she enters and glimpse the splendour of the room at the far corner of the wall, she can see a beautiful portrait. The furniture is made of the finest beach wood of dark mahogany. There is a couch slanted slightly to the left and it is filted with silken love cushions. There is a slight movement; she turns around to see her.

Mrs Phillips: Oh you have a wonderful room, its so nice

Miss Precious: Oh thank you

Mrs Phillips: Emm, I just wanted to say thank you again for bringing us here, and looking after us, we are grateful, thank you so much.

Miss Precious: Hey its ok, don't worry at all if you need anything, anything at all, just let me know, so what are we having for breakfast today then?

Mrs Phillips: Anything you want Miss.

In the Kitchen, Mrs Wilson with her daughter

Mrs Wilson: (Mimicking) Anything you want miss

Miss Precious: Ok I want coffee, you no my taste, no sugar, no milk, just hot coffee, and 2 toast, and biscuit, that's all.

Mrs Wilson: No sugar, no milk, she think she is all that and she's got everything

Lucy: Mum shush, she is a good woman, and she is helping us out, yeah.

Mrs Wilson: Nah but she's full of herself, she thinks she's got everything, I've got everything, just that I don't want them

Audience: Yeah right!

Mrs Phillips comes to the kitchen.

Lucy: Mum you know what, just shut up, yeah, cos if you have everything, why are we here depending on someone else then, why are we not in our own house, huh?

Yeah no answers, so just shut up.

Mrs Phillips: Hey calm down, what is going on?

Mrs Wilson: Fuck off man; stop sticking your nose in people's business.

Mrs Phillips: Sorry, I was just trying to calm people down, sorry.

Mrs Wilson: Sorry, yeah you should be.

Mrs Phillips: Ok

Mrs Wilson: You are always following, her like some fucking sheep, she wont give you her money, so don't bother yourself serving her, after all she ain't God.

Mrs Phillips: Hey watch it, that's Miss you chatting about, and for your information, she likes me because I serve her well, with my whole heart, so if you do the same I think she would like you too.

Mrs Wilson: So what are you trying, to say, that I should serve her with my heart, sorry but that is impossible

Miss Precious: Hey wut's all this shouting about?

Mrs Wilson: Miss Precious, Grace, is telling me that Lucy and I shouldn't serve you and all that, because you think you are top, and you have everything?

Mrs Phillips: (Speechless, her Hand on her lips)

Miss Precious: Oh, is that so, sorry, but I don't think I'm top, am just trying to help you guys, sorry.

Mrs Wilson: Miss that's what am trying to tell her, that you are a good woman. You can even ask my daughter

Lucy: (looks at her mum say) yes.

Miss Precious: (Disappointed with Mrs Phillips looks at Mrs Phillips and shakes her head) walks out

Mrs Wilson: Got ya, ha ha

Mrs Phillips: I can't believe you just told a lie on me, and you (points to Lucy) you supported your mum. Its Alright, its alright (crying)

Niki: Hey wat up? Mum, hey why are you crying? What happened? Tell me, what happened? What the hell did you do to my mum? Huh?

Mrs Wilson: Come on Lucy, let's go, the cheek of it (gives them a dirty look)

Niki: Come on don't cry, hey it will be all right.

Later in the afternoon

Niki: Miss Precious, sorry for what happened this morning, you know my mum can't say stuff like that? Sorry but I have to go now, bye, see you in the evening (Niki leaves the house)

Mrs Phillips: Miss am sorry for what happened, am so sorry.

Miss Precious: Its alright, I think its alright, but I just want you guys to understand one thing, I don't feel top, no, that is one thing I do not do. I don't feel top at all.

Mrs Phillips: I know miss, she twisted everything around and I was so shocked that I couldn't even speak to defend myself.

Miss Precious: Its ok, let's just forget about this and move on, you can sit

Mrs Phillips: Oh miss, I have some washing to do

Miss Precious: Oh forget it, join me and let's watch this interesting programme.

Mrs Phillips: Oh thank you. So what is this you are watching?

Miss Precious: Oh this, its called television.

Mrs Phillips: te-le-visi-on

Miss Precious: Tele-vision, or call it TV

Mrs Phillips: Oh TV, that is easy, and what about that?

Miss Precious: Oh that, that is the computer system

Mrs Phillips: Ok TV. So what are your plans this afternoon?

Miss Precious: Oh, after this programme I am going to pay of the rent.

(Mrs Wilson, passing by to the toilet overhears this)

Mrs Wilson: Going to pay rent, rent? Money? Yes

(Mrs Wilson quickly goes, to Precious room and takes the money from her bag, and dumps half in Grace's bag and the other half in Niki's bag)

(Miss Precious it set to go out, but she can't find her money)

Miss Precious: My money, my money, no, £2000, and I cant find it, oh my God, am dead. Hey, guys, all of you, please come in here. (Mrs Wilson is happily smiling)

Lucy: What are you smiling about? What is so fascinating?

Miss Precious: I don't mean to disturb you guys, but I can't find the rent money, I need to pay the rent or else we will all be on the street.

Mrs Phillips: I haven't taken any money

Mrs Wilson: I haven't taken any money, I swear (grins)

Lucy: No miss, I haven't either.
Join now!

Miss Precious: So where is the money gone, the money just flew away, is that what you are trying to tell me, that the money has run away? Huh?

Mrs Wilson: No miss, I think this calls for a special investigation, don't you think? Because the person won't own up, I mean its £2000 (Looks at Mrs Phillips)

Miss Precious: Yeah, that's a good idea, ok Lucy call the police. Help me search for it before they come.

(Starts searching for the money)

Policewoman: Good Afternoon, yes, so what is the problem here?


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