My Mother said I never should...... The Development Phase

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My Mother said I never should

The Development Phase

Scenes 9 &10

Charlotte Keatley wants the staging of her play to be very simplistic. She expresses that she wants no sofas or chairs in the performing of her play. For scene 9, which contains Doris and Margaret, Doris would be on one side of the stage and Margaret on the other to show that they were in different places. If we were able to use a backdrop we would have two living rooms split down the middle. The right side would be decorated in a quite old fashioned way to suit Doris. The left side would be more modern according to the time period. Doris’s side of the set would be decorated in quite dull conservative colours, to represent her mood and way of life; Whereas Margaret’s side would be slightly brighter. If we had the choice of using a stage I would probably use a proscenium arch stage so the audience feel that they are looking in on the conversation in the two living rooms.

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For scene 10 everything would be scattered around to give a sense of open space. Again if we were allowed to use a backdrop it would be of a garden fence with the landscape of Manchester behind it, to give the feeling of being outside.

We imagined Doris to be an old lady who was still clinging on to her youth and did not yet consider herself an old lady who sits down and does the knitting! We saw her as up standing member of the community who had her wits about her which is why we did not ...

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