"Night Of The Soul" theatre review.

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On Friday 21st of March 2002, I had the pleasure of watching an excellent play called “Night Of The Soul”. It was written by David Farr and was performed by the Year 13 IB Theatre Arts of Uplands School at the Actor’s Studio, Georgetown.

The play told the story of Joanna, a spirit trapped in a hotel that was built over the bodies of her family, who died in the plague of 1350. Her story emerges gradually as she tells it to the broken-spirited Francis, the first to see and hear her in the 650 years since her death, who is staying in the hotel.

There were several highlights to the play. One big highlight is when Joanna finally finds Francis who can actually see, feel and hear her. I feel that this is the ‘catalyst’ for the play, as it allows Joanna to reveal her story to the audience. Another highlight would be when Francis discovers that Joanna is in fact a spirit, and that only he can see her. This is a very dramatic scene, as it changes his whole attitude and feeling for Joanna. My attention was kept throughout the majority of the play, and I can safely say that the quality and overall standard of this performance was extremely high.

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I particularly enjoyed the performance of the actor who played Francis. His personality was well expressed to the audience, through the way he walked, talked, his expressions, reactions to other people and even his clothes. He walked in a rather sophisticated way, indicating he has a rather high status at work. I also liked the performance of the actor who played Joanna. It was well clear that she had problems of her own, and this made the audience want her to tell her story even more.

I also liked how a scene would be acted, and then retold ...

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