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One of the first uses of language structure used by Gober is the Bouncers rap. By using a narrative as well as a song he has captured the audience's initial attention

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Form and structure The play opens with a monologue by Eric, the main character. It is one of the few monologues in the play. He sets the scene within the brief description of the nightlife he tells of. One of the first uses of language structure used by Gober is the Bouncers rap. By using a narrative as well as a song he has captured the audience's initial attention. It is an interesting change from the first monologue which some in the audience may find boring Flash backs are used constantly through the play. They give a further insight into the bouncer's everyday lives and give rise to many pivotal moments. ...read more.


The mellow dramatic movement employed while delivering these lines adds drama, comedy and brings awareness to the pathetic state the girls are in. Without this movement a crucial view of the play would not be conveyed to the audience. Chorus is again rarely used through the play. When applied it is used for rowdy or raucous scenes signifying pub scenes or groups of young lads. By speaking in chorus power can be attained which can not be shown through one persons voice. It also brings change in volume and delivery compared to the majority of the play. One use of chorus Godber employs through-out the play is whenever the 'lads' take a drink. After each drink the whole cast cries "Fourteen!" (the number is according to how many drinks they have taken). ...read more.


The only thing that signifies the change is the whole cast shouting "barbers" in chorus. The episodes of the play are introduced by a monologue. Most of these are said by the DJ. This gives a regular structure to the play informing the audience in change in of time and scene. Another technique Godber uses is repetition of the rap used in the beginning of the play. By ending the play with the same rap Godber shows that what the bouncers experience is part of a cycle which they go through everyday. In conclusion the structure of the play is crucial. Without it many key points and moments would not be highlighted in the play and many of Godbers views could not be portrayed. The form gives shape to the play, central to the audience's enjoyment. Without form and structure the play would have a very different effect. ...read more.

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