Our aim was to create a character driven piece of drama, lasting approximately 25 minutes, using realistic situations with moments of abstraction to create a situation controlled by temptation

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Initial ideas

The idea of temptation was the initial inspiration for this piece of devised drama.  The group took this idea from various pieces of drama that we have encountered during our AS course.  Going to see ‘A Dealer’s Choice’ allowed me to see that temptation can often cause major disruption between a group of people.  As our piece was going to be very much character based, we thought that by incorporating temptation as a major theme it would allow us to show tensions between characters.  Temptation being the power to seduce a person to do something they would normally not do, and diverting from universal obedience.

Over the AS course we have studied ‘Yerma’ by Garcia Lorca and this was also an inspiration for the initial theme of temptation.  In this play the character of Yerma longs for a child and yet her husband does not want to have one.  Victor, a strong and handsome male character represents the temptation in Yerma’s life to get what she wants.  Yerma is in love with Victor and dreams of him with her child, yet this temptation to be with him is never visited because of the boundaries created by the world that she lives in.  In our piece however, we wanted to create the temptation and then show how each character would approach it.

One of the members of the group came up with the idea of showing the temptation through the use of an unopened box.  The rest of the group were interested in this idea as we thought that it would help us to create intrigue for our audience.

One of the things that the whole group were interested in putting into our piece was the use of monologues.  A production of ‘Road’ that we went to see involved lots of monologue work and we all felt that this allowed the audience insight into the minds of certain characters and may help us create a more interesting piece of drama to watch.  By using monologues in ‘Road’, as an audience member I felt more of a connection with the character, and it felt as though I was experiencing the emotion that they were describing.  As a group, we thought that this was an effective way of allowing the audience to sympathise with our characters and relate not only to the characters themselves, but the emotions that were felt.  As I have already mentioned, we wanted our work to be a character driven piece and through using monologues we hoped that the each person would allow them to develop their character.

One issue that was important to me was the element of realism in our piece of drama.  After seeing various works over the AS course I came to the conclusion that as an audience member I preferred to watch drama that was mainly realistic.  I thought that this had a greater effect on the audience as they were able to connect with the characters that were performing.  This was because they were in a real life situation and therefore the performance was more believable.  

Another idea that we took from a piece we saw was flicking from scene to scene by using a split stage effect.  When I went to see ‘Road’ this was one of the techniques that I thought was very effective in helping the story move forwards as we only saw smell snippets from a conversation. By using this in our piece I thought that it would enable us to create the dramatic irony, as well as doing this through uses of monologues.

A series of subplots and mystery were incorporated into ‘Woman in Black’ which we went to see in London.  This piece was another inspiration for our piece of devised drama.  The subplots that went on throughout made the audience think more about the story that was being acted out on stage and as we wanted our piece to create a small amount of mystery as well as realism and comedy we drew on our experience from watching ‘Women in Black’ to help us with this idea.


Aims and Objectives


  • Our aim was to create a character driven piece of drama, lasting approximately 25 minutes, using realistic situations with moments of abstraction to create a situation controlled by temptation that would make the audience react to what they watch on stage.
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  • As a group, we wished to create actor audience interaction through the use of monologues so that they felt they had a connection with the characters on stage.
  • We wish to create moments of dramatic irony by using a split stage effect so that the audience are aware of certain issues other characters are not aware of.
  • We wanted to create a variety of realistic characters, all of which represent different sections of society. However, at the same time we wish to show that although they are very different to each other, it is possible to ...

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