Paper 1 Unit 2 - mousetrap final

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Paper 1 Unit 2

Assessment Task 2 (AO2)

For the past few weeks, we've been working on "The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie. My group consisted of the following members:

* David Birch as Christopher Wren

* Lara Lutz as Mollie Ralston

* Cristiano Mondolfo as Giles Ralston

* Christian Sutmoller as Paravicini and Major Metcalf

* Antonio Carlos Tostes (myself) as Mr. Casewell

* Alexandra Stern as Mrs. Boyle

My group acted the scene where it was the first time when Christopher Wren appeared followed by other characters, we chose this part because we thought that, it was essential part of the play, where all characters arrive, and we are able to have an introduction of all characters, to know what they are like, their psychological habits, their opinion toward Monkswell Manor.

In the first few weeks of rehearsal I sat down in my group and we sorted out who should play who, after being sorted we chose the parts from the script we wanted to act. At first we read the script to obtain a brief idea of what our lines would be like, our play was from page 291 to page 304. We took lots of time to memorize our lines, about two weeks, until we could rehearse the play on stage, adding all stage directions, costumes and to set the stage itself. For this to occur we took about three to four weeks rehearsing our play by heart. Stage directions took longer to be organized as we thought it could be sorted out later.
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In our play there was a problem, the groups were sorted by our teacher therefore we couldn't change them, and the part we wanted to act consisted of four male characters and three female. Our group had only two female characters and five male characters, so what we did was: choose a boy from the group to play the part of a female, so I was chosen and so instead of putting me to act as a female, we converted Ms. Casewell to Mr. Casewell. There were some speeches that talked specifically about Ms. Casewell, for example when ...

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