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Personal statement

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Every action I have and will ever take in my life can be analysed through the tools of economics. This is true for many sciences; such as physics, chemistry, biology or psychology, to name but a few. However what sets economics apart is how it is perhaps the only science that would significantly and consistently improve the quality of my decisions if applied. Further more, what makes economics truly outstanding is its diversity and broad range of application. I have recently began reading economic literature, it seems as if the more I read the more alluring economics becomes. At times I wonder if my thirst for knowledge is satiable. Its as if every time I learn something new, every time a question is answered, I think of new questions to ask. I enjoy challenges, the more abstract or harder to comprehend a concept is the more I will try to understand it fully. As an aside I believe is why I my GCSE results were not reflective of my AS level results nor of my natural ability. ...read more.


However last year I learnt that economics is what I love, it has changed the way I view the world, I cant fathom any other course I would rather study. I very often have economic discussions with my peers. These range from the shape of interesting supply demand curves e.g. that of Veblen goods, to the most efficient way to run an economy. I am yet to convince my friend that a centrally planned economy will never be as efficient as the free market. (Is this perhaps to bold, although I'm 99% sure its true) I have a natural aptitude for mathematics and theory, which I believe explains my predisposition for theoretical topics and concepts, and why I'm less interested in application. By studying theory I can apply what I learn to any instance in which the theory is applicable, however if I study application I will only ever know that one instance of which a theory has been applied, at least this my sentiment at least. ...read more.


When I finish my course at University, I would like to pursue a job in the financial sector. Applying economic principles to markets seems like something I would enjoy. I remember reading in "The General Theory" when Keynes writes that speculation serve almost no purpose other than providing liquidity for markets, I was saddened to learn that my career aspirations were selfish and would essentially create no wealth or benefit to the economy. However I realised that liquidity certainly has value and is needed in the markets. Reading and understanding "The General Theory" is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I spent weeks reading it and countless hours thinking over some of Keynes more complex assertions. I cant posture and pretend that I fully comprehended all of it but I can proudly claim to have understood the majority. I believe this will serve me well when I study at university and stand me in good stead. By already having a greater command of economics than is required at A level I will possibly find the gap lesser than that of perhaps some of my peers who have not. ...read more.

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