Persuasive writing for a listening audience on child abuse.

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                   Commentary of Persuasive Coursework                             Ashlee Male

        My piece of persuasive writing for a listening audience is based on child abuse, as I feel that more people should be aware of how frequent it is. My aim is to make people realise just how much some children are suffering, and persuade my audience to donate some money to my charity, ‘Help Break the Cycle’.

        The audience of piece is mainly adults, but I have kept the language fairly simple, relaxed and familiar so it can apply to children. I felt it was quite important for children to be aware of issues around them, and if they are affected by what they hear then they may encourage their parents to donate money.

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        To make my piece more effective and persuasive I used ‘Triple-X Phrases’, as much as possible. There is evidence that hearing something three times will make it easier to absorb and understand. I started it off with a triple-x phrase, using the date Victoria Climbie died as repletion. My opening lines were made as effective as possible as it is the opening sentence that grabs a reader or listeners attention. I created suspense in the opening lines by describing how the young girl had died, but not saying how until the third line. Lengthy pauses between each line help make ...

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